Arduino Learning Kit1


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Arduino Learning Kit 1

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Arduino Learning Kit 1
Arduino Uno R3 + USB Cable QTY:1
Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04) QTY:1
IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Tracking Sensor QTY:1
MQ-2 Smoke Gas LPG Butane Hydrogen Sensor Module QTY:1
IR Remote Control Module QTY:1
LDR ( 5mm ) QTY:1
Servo Motor SG90 QTY:1
Relay Module 1 Channel (5Vdc) QTY:1
Small Stepper Motor (5Vdc,4-Phase) QTY:1
Small Stepper Motor Driver Board (ULN2003) QTY:1
Small DC Motor QTY:1
LCD1602 Blue Backlight with Soldering pin header QTY:1
Small Buzzer 5V QTY:1
9V , Powerfulcell QTY:1
Battery Clip ( 9V ) + DC QTY:1
Led Matrix Red (8X8) QTY:1
7 Segment (1X1) 0.5″ Com. Anode QTY:1
L293D QTY:1
SN74HC595N QTY:1
LED20 Mixed Color LED Size 5mm QTY:1
LED RGB Cathode 4-PIN (5mm) QTY:2
R100 1/4W QTY:1
Rotary Pot 3PIN (10 Kohm , 1/2W) QTY:1
Press 2pin (6X6) QTY:4
Male to Male Jumper Wire 1 Pin (20cm) QTY:10
Male to Female Jumper Wire 1 Pin (20cm) QTY:10
Female to Female Jumper Wire 1 Pin (20cm) QTY:10
Breadboard Soldless 830 Tie-points QTY:1
Two Layer Storage Box (23.4*16.8*6.2cm) QTY:1

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